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The Mighty Pontiac GTO and The Oldsmobile 442

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By Mark Weusseg

I just had to relive two of my favorite golden oldies. The GTO and the Olds 442.

These cars were so popular back when they were sold new and not much has changed. Of course each car changed its styling over the years but Gadzooks these cars were as hot as a rattlesnake in Texas.

Styling, power, grace and they live today thanks to all you collectors who can stand back and appreciate all the attributes that made these cars instant winners. It’s hard to imagine that 40-50 years from now someone will be gawking at a Toyota Camry. The Camry is a sales generator today but will they hold up in the future?
I won’t be around in 50 years so the young crowd today will decide its fate. But at your next car show go and stare at these cars. And I mean stare at the inside and outside. Equally they are beautiful specimens and one cannot help not to love them.

Given the chance I would pick a ’69 GTO In a heartbeat if the right one came my way. Wonderful cars that are no more. GM ruined the 442 by badging it on terrible cars later in its life. The GTO also went away of course. It’s hard to swallow the fact that both car companies are gone. I really thought Buick would have gone first as it was once deemed as a old man’s car. But, the Buick lives on I guess while the GTO and 442 are only in the history books.

You never know, with a renewed interest in modern muscle cars, some of the more obscure examples may come back in the future. This is obviously grasping at straws, but you never know……


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