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30 Years Stored 1971 Dodge Challenger

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Engine: 318ci.
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 100,000
Starting bid:US $11,000.00


You would have thought by now that all the classic vehicles tucked away in barns and hidden places would have been found, but they still keep cropping up as regular as clockwork. Many are hidden for years as owners always have plans to restore them, but never get round to it and before they know it a few decades have flown by.

This one seems to be in the hands of the second owner who has had it since 1976, being stored in a barn for the last 30 years. It sounds like some form of restoration job has been started with the 318ci. V8 engine being rebuilt and the interior removed to replace the floor pans. The ad. also says, ’90-95% of all parts included.’

This ‘71 Dodge Challenger doesn’t seem to have any fancy options, just a solid base model. Without being a mega rarity, you could with confidence either bring this back to being an all original or take it down the road of being a restomod. With a rebuilt running engine and seemingly a lot of the patchwork done already, this Challenger could have a lot of future potential. It would have been nice to have a better look at the engine and what parts actually come with the car.

The big question here is the initial $11k starting bid. The seller says they are not expecting that much but just ‘gauging interest’, but unless you approach them directly, you have to start at this asking price if you’re buying through that eBay. The car is also said to be listed locally around Westport, Massachusetts.

Clearly alot of haggling over the price will be needed here as $11k for a base Challenger with a 318 is quite pricey, so interested parties will have to contact them directly to negotiate a reasonable price and find out exactly what you do get with the sale. Either way, this Dodge Challenger has potential it’s just down to negotiating the right price.




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