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Should I Invest In This Hot Rod Build?

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By Mark Weisseg

Sure enough, I saw this Model A for sale close to my house recently. My first thought was to buy it and store it for a while. Then, when time permits I bring it out and start a real honest to goodness hot rod. So, the seller had a bunch of pictures and he had a firm price. I was still game at that point already thinking ahead where to store it and what components I would need to buy for this future build.

The firm price is 4K. Shocking. I know I would put another interior in there as well as another engine, brakes, steering, suspension, tires and more. So, I am paying 4K for a body that needs much repair. It’s too much. Sorry, not this boy.

The car is a time capsule but whoever buys it has much work to do. Even if you took it back to original status you are throwing a lot of money at it. What about a rat rod? Well, good idea but you still need a lot of parts and pieces to the puzzle. The real price should be about 2,500 dollars. But the seller is firm and I am watching to see where this goes.

I really love the car as it sits and has sat for many moons. Mice, rats, birds and whatever ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on the car so nothing is really usable. Maybe the gear box or transmission if you are going original but that is still a big ” what if”.

You tell me, is it worth it? I passed as I saw 4K just to own it and another 6-15k to make it something again. The most expensive route would be a hot rod. The big engine would loosen your wallet quick. You would be surprised how fast all those little things would add up. For me, it’s a no go. What about you?

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