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The Joys Of A Hot Rod Auctions

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By Mark Weisseg

I found myself last night and into this morning to be in a bit of a funk. I went to a car auction with a friend last night and most of the cars were horrible. Most had sat out in a field for thirty years. You can imagine what the raccoons, mice, and other field animals did to the interiors and wiring.

I had my sights set on a couple of cars and after seeing them in the viewing hours I left disappointed. I just imagined that if most of the cars had been put inside they would not be this bad. Yes, there were a handful of cars that were put inside and they were the gems of the sale.

One was a Mustang convertible and even though it did not have the original engine I saw it went for 25k this morning. But I was disheartened that so many cars were neglected for so many years. There was a ’69 Road Runner convertible that had my interest until I found out the fender tag was missing, the 383 engine was bad and of course the interior was nearly eaten away. Strike one.
Road Runner two was a ’70 model with a convertible in a bit better shape. No fender tag, body just fair and the pre bidding was way too high. Strike two.
The third one was a Challenger and get this, it had a slant six in it. I took pictures as I could not believe it either. The bidders were hot and heavy in this as the talk was to drop in a crate engine. The problem. The body was very rusty and the interior was eaten again. Strike Three.

We stayed for several hours and endured hot, humid weather and a brief but nasty lightening storm. The sale even had parts and literature for sale and I bid on some Model A parts but as of today, I believe I was outbid again. What started out as a fun event turned into a muddy night like at Woodstock. Only this time no drugs and the crowd was older. But even the four wheel drive trucks got stuck in the mud. I got lucky. I found a paved driveway to park my Shelby in and met the owner. I was hoping he was not going to throw me out but I looked behind him and sure enough in his garage was a Laguna Sega Mustang! Case closed and we made a new friend. What dumb luck.

So, I was bummed out today and then I saw Vanguard sales in Michigan sold this drop dead beauty. That is what everyone was trying to do last night. Find a car, flip it or find a car and restore it. There was even a tired 53, yes a 53 Corvette that sold for 170k. And it needed a lot of work. So that took me back to Vanguard. As much fun as it was last night and today on line it would be much easier to buy a rod like this one you see and save yourself two plus years of hard labor and untold monies to get it as cool as this one.
Now, that is not always the case but it is the case in this situation. Jeepers, what a night.

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