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The Mighty 1963 Corvette

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By Mark Weisseg

I am lucky to call the guy that owns this Corvette my friend. He also has a 66, 67 and the Corvette ZR1 when Chevrolet reintroduced the car.

He said this is his favorite even though the ’67 has the 427ci. engine, side pipes and all the other important stuff. So, as it sat there in the blistering sun I asked if I could sit in it. I opened the door with breathless anticipation and could not really get in. The steering column was in my way. Once I got in my head hit the roof inside. When I climbed out I had to swing my legs out first and then wrestle the rest of my frame out. Clearly I was not happy. My friend said, ” well you just saved 100k”.

And it was true but I really wanted to fit my six foot three frame in the car so badly. Nope. I lose. I have been thinking about rejoining the Corvette world by buying a ’63 to ’67 Model so, I need to locate another toy for my collection. But, his small collection of red Corvettes get a lot of attention. He has them all in near perfect condition. He loves driving them and he told me it’s been several years since he drove the ZR1. Now, that I could fit in.

I asked him why the ZR sits and the answer did not surprise me. He just loves driving the older ones much better. His ’67 has been NCRS top flight tested and awarded. He had it appraised a few years ago for just over 200k. So, for as much as I love my Mustangs he loves his Corvettes. But better yet is his friendship. He owns his own business and currently business could not be better. You see that is the ideal situation at a car show. Find new friends that have nothing in common with you other than the love of a car. With little effort you can meet people with diverse backgrounds and totally different lives than your own.
You will also find out which car is actually for you or not. It may save you a lot of money.

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