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The Advantages Of A Car Meet

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By Mark Weisseg

This past car show season, a guy rolled in with his trailer and most of us thought we had ourselves a trailer queen arriving. So, being the curious type I wandered over only to notice it was no ordinary trailer queen.

When they finally got this Vette off the trailer and poured a bit of fuel down its throat, I plugged my ears. I have seen and heard this before and sure enough when he threw the switch the earth shook. People poured out from every corner and wanted to see this monster run. He idled it a while and would occasionally snap the throttle to wake up the dead.

Once he shut it down and the crowd dispersed I hung around long enough to speak with the guy.
It turned out he was a nice guy and rather humble. His engine spoke for him. He had a team of four guys that unloaded the car, prepped it for starting, and eventually reloaded it onto the trailer. The dragster if you will, was part of our annual high horsepower night. No trophies or judging is ever done, but here is how it is done. Each week is a feature week. So, if it is Camaro night everyone who brings a Camaro, gets to park in feature row. They do a Mustang night, a Ford night, Corvette night, a Chevrolet night, and so on. It is very popular and near the end of the season they leave a few open Friday nights in case of an earlier rain out.

Clearly this was a show stopper and every once in a while he would fire up the beast to remind everyone he was there.
A good time was had by all and I hope he returns this year as well.
One more thing thae show offers on hi po night is a count down from 15. Once they get to zero, everyone with a big loud engine, revs their engine as loud as they can for about 30 seconds.
I am told people can hear the roar for miles away.

The whole point here is that you won’t get this information or experience these sights and sounds unless you visit a car show or meet. The websites may give you a good overview of what’s on offer, but the little things that make every car show or meet are the things that happen as you are there, impromptu or unplanned.
If you haven’t planned to visit a car show car or meet up this year, book at least one. you won’t regret it.

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