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2019 Chevrolet Camaro COPO 50th Anniversary

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VIN: 1G1FH1R77K0127428

Engine: 350 SC
Transmission: 3-speed TH 400 Hydra-Matic Automatic
Mileage: 1
Color: Anniversary Blue Metallicthe
Price:US $163,500.00


Zip back in history and you’ll find the original Chevy COPO ordering system was a great way for dealers to stuff all the best bits into Camaros of the day. Top line engines, suspension, brakes, etc., but they also cost a pretty penny. So, not too many were sold, which means they are ultra-rare, collectable and prized as the most performance ready pony cars of the day.


Fast forward 50 years and as a homage to the originals, 69 examples of a modern day COPO Camaro were built for 2019, all drag optimized and the same amount built as per the original 427 ZL1 engine. This 2019 version was released alongside the eCOPO version which packs 700HP and 600lb. ft. of torque.


This example is the 23rd built and sports the ultimate track-ready package and Racers Package which includes the Wheelie Bar and parachute. This one also comes with a Carbon Fiber Hood, Bogart Racing Wheels, and External Battery Charger Connection. The engine version here is a LSX-based 350 with 2.65L Magnuson supercharger. Other options of engine were a LT based 302 and the top 427 50th Anniversary engine. Also, unique is the front-end design, only available on this model. Basically, it’s all exclusive stuff on this car, with even the Wixom Performance Built engines giving the original buyer the option to participate in the engine assembly.


With only 1 mile on the clock, this one is basically brand new. As an anniversary edition, this example is clearly going to hold its value over time more than other modern versions of the COPO line in recent years. A pricey investment, but if you’re a Chevy fan and want a piece of the ongoing history, this car could be very well worth considering.



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