2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Spotted In The Wild

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By Dave Ashton

The Dodge Demon, the latest incarnation of the Dodge Challenger has been spotted recently high altitude testing in Colorado before its launch at the New York auto show.

Spotted by the Fast Lane Car Guys who captured the beast in the Rocky Mountains showing the distinctive flared wheel arches, five double spoke wheels and a curious ‘LB Performance’ sticker on its flank.

The front shots show the huge air scoop on the hood further identifying the car, but ironically there also seems to be a few other camouflaged test vehicles in the same parking lot. Here it seems to be test car central or at least a stop off point for the test guys.

This test vehicle out on the road seems to boil down to emissions testing and high elevation testing, but what we really want is to see and hear the beast.

Up to now we have just had the teaser videos from Dodge, dropping us weekly snippets such as potential power, performance, the trans-brake and other such features which you can find on our website.

All this boils down to a vehicle that is optimised for the strip with loads of dragstrip specific features and functionality, but the biggest talk of the town is the amount of HP and torque the Demon will finally produce. From one of the teaser videos it could be anything up to 900HP, but that in reality is probably somewhat of a stretch. But, it’s more than likely it will be at least around the 707Hp of the Hellcat, but a factory ready 900HP beast will surely be the talk of the town.

Other rumors have hinted at a single seater vehicle, but it’s probable that at least one more seat will be featured, but nothing is concrete yet until its final release.

Check out the video below for this first sneak peak of the Dodge Demon in the wild.

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