2018 Dodge Barracuda Rumors

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By Dave Ashton

As soon as there is any talk about one of the old muscle car names being resurrected, rumours start flying around about possible designs, engines and the like. The Barracuda name is the current one to be doing the rounds, so we will look at the possibilities of this past classic coming back to life.

Some rumours say that there may be a release date in 2017 2018, but 2017, looks unlikely at this point, with all the Dutch news seemingly centred on the upcoming Demon. there are currently no specifications at all, but if a Dodge Barracuda did make the light of day, there are a few possible routes it could take.

The original third generation Barracuda was a tweaked, fettled and rebranded Dodge Challenger, which may be the route forward for today’s model. This will be the most cost-effective route, but possibly not the fans favourite. Having a Barracuda sit between the current Challenger and Charger may be difficult. Both models have a wide coverage from the SXT to the Hellcat and with the upcoming Demon possibly positioning itself as the top performance machine, it’s hard to see how the Barracuda could sit in the lineup.

Some of even said it could be a codename for an upcoming model which could be just a rebadged Fiat or Alfa Romeo, which are part of the FCA pack, but it seems more likely that if the Barracuda name was to be resurrected in any way, it would make sense for a legitimate model.

So, the Barracuda sits in a tricky position where it can be the bottom of the top of the range, which could point to possible limited edition run, which could use any engine type from the current lineup from the Pentastar V6 two variants of the 707HP Hellcat engine. A modern day Barracuda would be a very exciting proposition, but I don’t think it will come to light until at least 2018/19, but we can only wait to see.


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