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2018 Chevrolet Camaro COPO, 1 of 4

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: Whipple Charged LSX 350
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior Color: Yellow
Interior Color: Black
Body Type: Coupe
Price: US $125,000.0


Here we have a 2018 Chevrolet COPO Camaro. For those who don’t know, COPO stands for GM’s Central Office Production Order system which back in the day was used to special order performance parts by dealers such as Don Yenko. These were fitted to GM vehicles of the day and although they had some of the best performance around, there were also the most expensive and produced in limited numbers. These COPO vehicles are now some of the most collectable vintage muscle cars around.

Only 69 of these vehicles are built every year to commemorate those built in 1969. This one is #51 of the 69 built, and only one of four in yellow.


Being a special edition optimised for racing, you have full tilt power from a LSX 350 and Whipple Super Charger producing 1,000 – 1,200 horsepower. Although weight reduction has been employed, it’s still a beefy beast weighing in at 3,200 pounds. Everything here is NHRA certified and the car is said to be good for mid 8 seconds at 160 MPH.

The car also comes with, ‘a set of Hoosier racing slicks, Strange axles and brake calipers, Trans brake, Wheelie bars and a parachute.’ this Camaro still retains some of its regular street features such as carpeting, dashboard, power windows and full door panels and a factory original steering wheel. , racing from this comes with wheelie bars, ‘trange adjustable coil over shocks and Strange four-wheel disc brakes with slotted rotors. Wheels are Bogart polished aluminum and are wrapped in Hoosier drag tires. The front runners are 28.0×4.5 and 9.0×30 R15s for the rears. The rears are Hoosier’s lightweight radial series. ‘


This is the chance to own a factory built race car with the COPO history attached. It doesn’t come with a title, so it’s a pure racer, but this Camaro will be a sound investment as it will only go up in value over the years.




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