The 2017 Camaro ZL 1: Let The Competition Continue.

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It’s not that I care deeply about this new Camaro’s styling or the big power under the hood or maybe even a rag top at some point. It’s not that at all.

What this means to me is that GM is stepping up its game like Ford did with the GT350R and the Mopar family did with the Hellcat engine.

We know this ZL1 will be super fast, corner well and will have a killer interior. Just like its competitors.
That my friends, is why I am so happy.
All a car company needs to see is another taking a bite out of their pie and they run back to the design department and tell everyone to up their game. They sell more and the others then go back and re-design something that only benefits you and I.
That is exactly what we want. Corporates in fighting so they keep producing better and better street hot rods. In some cases they are instant classics and in others, it will take a while.

Right now we know the Camaro, the Mustang, the Challenger and the Corvette are winners. All at prices that are reasonable for what you get, which has always been a muscle car’s strong point.
I like this competition and I think this reminds me of the good old days in the 60’s. But today, more horsepower is not the only factor like it was back then. Nope, it’s safety, steering, reliability, comfort, style and a whole bunch more, most importantly at an affordable price.

So, ladies and gentlemen, sit back and relax. Enjoy this time in our automobile world where the big three are making the best possible cars for us all at reasonable prices. I love it!

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