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1988 Buick LeSabre T-Type, 1 of 6,426

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VIN: 1G4HP14C0JH520576
Engine: 3.8L V8
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 188,003
Starting bid:US $4,000.00


The 1980s wasn’t exactly the hottest decade for muscle cars, but the brand that arguably produced some of the hottest offerings of the decade were Buick. The GNX was the top scorer and is now an expensive and very rare collectors item. The LeSabre T-Type borrowed some of the trim packages from the Regal Grand National and Regal T-Type, with this car being a very clean example of the breed.

Plus point here are that it’s very clean inside and out and although the engine is said to be ‘a very nice driver’ has done quite a few miles. The interior has that 80’s plastic layout and the seats were oh so soft, but that was the vibe of the time. The trunk seems home to a vintage Buick jacket which may come in handy for one of those 80s retro parties if that’s your thing.

Overall, this LeSabre T-Type is rare, but it will never reach skyhigh prices. As long as the engine checks out fine, this could be very cheap motoring, especially with the starting price still at $4000. If you need some convincing, go watch a few episodes of Dynasty or Dallas, buy some shoulder pads and you’ll soon get into the mindset.





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