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1987 Buick Grand National GNX

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VIN: 1G4GJ1174HP450441
Engine: 3.8L V6 Turbo
Transmission: Automatic Turbo Hydramatic 200-4R
Exterior Color: Black
Mileage: 1,200
Price: $110,500.00


The Buick Grand National GNX may not seem on the surface like a standout vehicle, especially coming from the mid to late 1980s, but it was arguably one of the standout cars of the decade and to this day a surefire rarity and still a car with plenty of power.

It was a last hurrah for the Grand National that year, so the GNX came out with a bang with a limited edition model with only 547 being made at $29,900. It was quick with a 0-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds with a quoted 276 hp book file around 300 hp and 360 lb·ft (488 N·m) of torque. McLaren made upgrades and the power was helped with the addition of a Garrett T-3 turbocharger. For more info here is a road and track review from back in 1987.

Due to such a low production run those who bought the car kept them in great shape and this is the case here , with everything in top-notch condition and all the original paperwork included in the sale. The interior looks spotless, and all that 80s vinyl and swish shines like one of the best episodes of Miami Vice.

$110,500.00 may seem a high price to pay for a 80s vehicle, but the GNX shines as one of the best cars of its time.


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