1971 Plymouth Barracuda vs. Ford Mustang Dealer Promo.

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By Dave Ashton

Have you ever wondered where the rivalry between car brands comes from? Since the birth of the automobile one vehicle has naturally been compared to another, but fuel to the fire has also been added from the car makers and dealers since day one. Proof in point is this 1971 dealer promo film where the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda is compared to the Mustang.

‘I like Mustang. I bought my first in ’65 and again ’68.’ Initially sounds promising for the Mustang commentary, but then the voice-over goes on to say, ‘Mustang just isn’t Mustang anymore. A name’s not enough.’ Uh oh, rivalry time….

The great thing about this video is that it names direct comparisons between Cuda and Mustang features. In many ways this is a great way to find out the many details built into each car of the year for your own knowledge. The video is quite thorough comparing side-by-side everything from engines, exteriors, interiors and even small details like the Mustang’s ‘peculiar rear seat hump.’

From the outset you know which way this video is going from the ‘1970 Chrysler Corporation’ text at the bottom of video. However, the video does a really good job going into nearly every detail about each car and in hindsight is a great way to get a summary of each vehicle in one go. If you want to know the details of what makes up a 1971 Cuda or Mustang this ironically is a great video. Plus, if you did agree with the video and then went out and bought a 1971 Hemi Cuda at the time, you would now have one expensive and priced vehicle on your hands.

One person commented in the video that at the time the Mustang was a “chick magnet” but was never a muscle car. The ‘Cuda was ‘better and alot faster’ than a Mustang and a proper muscle car. Which would you choose??

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