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1970 SuperBirds Now Selling For $200K+

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By Mark Weisseg

Figure this out. A 1970 Bird with a 440 V8 for $200k and then a 69 Hemi Charger for 92k. Let’s see if we can make sense of this with a history lesson of sorts.

The 1969 Dodge Charger 500 with a Hemi engine is called a 500 as that is how many Dodge had to build before NASCAR would let them race. So, Dodge claims they built 500 of these 426 Hemi engines. Very fast, very desirable then and now. The 1970 SuperBird pictured here is another animal. Let’s throw some facts out there you might not know.

First off the hood and front fenders were from the Dodge Coronet. Plymouth did some reshaping to make them fit right. Same with the hood. The nose cone adds just over 19 inches to the front of the car. So, for everyone who said it’s just a 70 Road Runner with a cone on the front- you are wrong. Also, the Bird was a sales slug. These birds sat on lots a long time before they were sold. Why? Well, back in 1970 these cars were considered odd, ugly, and not a normal car. Not too many people bought them to run groceries or take the kids to ball practice or Girl Scouts. It was a niche car back in 1970. Some dealers hit “stuck” with them. Meaning Plymouth shipped them one or two for display and they had a heck of a time selling them.

Now, we move into the 2017 era. Both cars are red hot. In this case or the Bird is a low mileage car with a 440 engine and an automatic transmission. It’s bright yellow and it stands out. You still would not take the kids to ball practice or a Girl Scouts meeting but the car is unique and very expensive. It sold for two hundred thousand dollars in January of 2017.

The Charger which was hot in 69 and even hotter in 2017 sold for 92k. Did I get my facts backwards? Nope. The facts I gave you regarding the selling prices are correct. I am as dumbfounded as you are. Why the huge difference? That is a 108k difference. For what? Eye candy? Your guess is as good as mine. So, I asked myself which one I would rather have providing I could afford up to 200k. I went back and worth about ten times on this one as both are amazingly cool cars. Finally, I picked the bird. I did so because of the uniqueness.

As bad as I want a Hemi, the Super Bird just sticks out and has all the qualities I desire. Can you imagine what the price would be if it was a Hemi Bird? Gadzooks my heart is to flutter. So, I felt bad for the guy selling the Hemi Charger because it is a rare car and a beauty. But the guy that laid out the 200k plus ten percent buyers fee I had to say I felt sorry for him. I shouldn’t because he can afford it and I can’t but I do feel this Bird went for a premium plus. It made me feel small with my simple, basic ’69 Road Runner that I own. You see that has a 383 4 speed and is a really cool car. But, as these prices skyrocket maybe my measly Road Runner will creep up in value too and then I can be a big shot someday for ten seconds.

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