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1970 Plymouth Road Runner SUPERBIRD un-restored Six Pack

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1970 Plymouth Road Runner SUPERBIRD un-restored Six Pack

Engine: 440 Six Pack V Code.
Drive Type: Four Speed.


A mint original un-restored vehicle that has been driven and maintained since the current owner purchased vehicle from either original or second owner in 1973

– Engine, Transmission and Differential housing are the “Born with” components installed at factory
– We have also verified the carbs, distributor, starter, wiper motor, and radiator are also the original factory

More detail is listed below
– Original documents include one very nice original build sheet
– VIN tag on dash and fender tag are original, not reproduction
– Registration and insurance paperwork dating back to when the current owner purchased the vehicle also go with the vehicle.
6. Vehicle has had the same current owner since 1973
7. Everything on vehicle works
a. See additional detail below
8. Original “Born-With” equipment are as follows:
a. EV2, Tor Red Exterior, See Fender Tag and Build Sheet
b. P6XW, Vinyl White and Black Bucket Seat Interior, See Fender Tag and Build Sheet
c. EW1, White door and interior top panels, See Fender Tag and Build Sheet
d. V19, Black Vinyl Top, See Fender Tag and Build Sheet
e. E87 and122, 440 Six Pack Engine, See Fender Tag and Build Sheet
f. D21 and 676, Four Speed Transmission, See Fender Tag and Build Sheet
g. S77, Power Steering, See Build Sheet
h. B41, Power Disc Brakes, See Build Sheet
i. F96, Rally Gauges with Vacuum Gauge, No tachometer, See Build Sheet
j. R22, AM-Eight Track Radio, See Build Sheet
k. G41, Standard LH Outside Rear View Mirror, See Build Sheet
l. H11, Heater and Defroster, See Build Sheet
m. C55, Bucket Seats, See Build Sheet
n. No Optional Wheel Code, Wheels were painted EV2 Tor Red from factory, See Build Sheet
9. Vehicle mileage is 14,589 miles
a. Current owner who has maintained vehicle since 1973, is confident mileage is original and correct

B. Driving and Vehicle Impressions
1. Vehicle drives as good as a 45 year-old mint original car should
2. Power is very good, vehicle starts and runs as it should
3. Doors and windows,etc open and close easily
4. Vehicle is not a rattle trap, good and tight as one would expect
5. Brakes have high pedal.
a. Original brake master cylinder was rebuilt by owner a few years ago
6. Steering is tight.
a. All new control arm and strut rod bushings were replaced by us in 2008.
7. Clutch does not slip but has high pedal
a. Prior attempts at adjustment have not solved problem
b. Clutch has been this way since 1973 when the current owner purchased vehicle



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