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1970 Chevrolet Nova SS Z26 350ci. V8

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VIN: 114270W109832
Engine: L48 350 V8
Transmission: M40 TH350 Automatic
Exterior Color: 943 Gobi Beige
Mileage: 57,539
Price: $37,500.00


Chevy Novas, especially when customised can look like aggressive, muscular beasts, capable of chewing up any dragstrip. This example, at least on the exterior looks a more sedate affair, but what it does have are immaculate looks and a still healthy 350 V8.

It’s very, well…beige, 943 Gobi Beige to be precise with a gold vinyl roof, which the seller says is all original. You really can’t fault its condition here, near enough immaculate both inside and out. The engine and transmission are numbers matching and the partial list of options given with the car’s listing include – ‘Original 300 hp 350 V8 (L48), original TH400 automatic transmission (M40), original 12-Bolt rear end with Positraction, original Soft-Ray tinted glass (AO1), original Strato-Bucket front seats (A51), original Gold Vinyl Interior (742).’

‘original Gobi Beige exterior paint (943), original Gold Vinyl Roof Cover (C08), original center console (D55), original Special-Purpose Suspension (F41), original Power Disc Brakes (JL2), original Power Steering (N40), original Full Wheel Covers (SS, P01), original spatter paint in trunk (!), original Uniroyal spare tire with original jack and original carpet and floor mats. ARA air conditioning and an 8-track tape player were added by the original owner in 1972. ‘

That’s a pretty good list of options in itself, but there is also a Protect-O-Plate, original window sticker, build sheet, shipping invoice, original owner’s manual and brochures. In other words, this Nova more or less ticks every box you would want from a vintage car listing, especially with its condition. There are only a few nonoriginal items on this car, such as the 8 track player and air con. fitted in 1972.

This Nova is a fine example of its breed in fantastic condition and even has a make an offer. At $37,500.00 it’s not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but as such a clean example this will be a great time capsule to own.




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