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1970 Challenger TA, 1 of 1

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: X block 340ci.
Mileage: 52
Price: $165,000.00


The 1970 Challenger T/A (Trans Am) was produced to race in the Sports Car Club of America’s Trans American Sedan Championship, with this model being the roadgoing version. This one is said to be 1 out of 33 and 1 of 1 with the louvers and no vinyl top. The car had a full frame off restoration, numbers matching powertrain, but cannot justify its $165,000.00 pricetag.

It seems that nearly everything on this car is original. The interior and dash are original. Apart from the carpets, seat covers and headliner. The car has clearly been rebuilt to be the best of the best and at this asking price you can obviously be as picky as you like with the details.

Like the rest of the car the engine has been worked on to make it the best it can be, but still being authentic and original. The engine has been dyno’ed and said to be able to pull 415 HP with a standard 1970 340 cam 272 duration, .474 lift. They say it made even more power than a 2002 Ls6 Zo6 motor with a 550 inch lift cam. The engine also has Mahle light weight forged pistons.

The car has clearly been rebuilt to be top notch all-round and original as possible, while still producing the best performance. However, the asking price is more reflected on its rarity and although everything is in top-notch condition here, the asking price is almost twice that of other 1970 Challenger TA’s currently on the market. The next most expensive I found is a 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A Six-Pack, asking $110,000.00 and a straightforward 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A SixPack fully restored for 46,100.00.

You never know, in a few years from now this may seem like a cheap asking price.





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