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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in Evening Orchid!

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‘There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.’ – The Outer Limits.
I’ve always wanted to say that! box ticked.

So now onto the car – a restored Camaro Z28, four-speed and then onto that color, Evening Orchid!
From research, the most common information says it was a 1965 only Chevrolet color, mostly spotted on a few Impalas, Novas and Chevelles from 1965.
So you would obviously need documentation to prove it was an original color, which the listing does so, ‘- Signed affidavits from original owner and dealer on custom order Evening Orchid.’

So could this ride be more rare than it seems on the surface, if it is a one-off order with that color for that year…….hmmm. (listing does not state the history of the color.)
Was this an optional color in 1969 or was it Chevrolet had a bucket of the stuff hanging around waiting for someone to order the option eventually?
If you do have information on this, comment below.

– Special order Evening Orchid paint
– Original drivetrain
– DZ-suffix 302/290 HP engine
– M21 4-speed transmission
– Detailed Concours restoration, photos included
– Sold new at Grabiak Chevrolet Inc. in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania
– Original sales receipt and dealer invoice
– Signed affidavits from original owner and dealer on custom order Evening Orchid
– NCRS shipping data report
– Camaro Hi-Performance Certified
– BV code 4.10 Positraction rear axle
– D80 rear spoiler, vinyl top
– Tinted glass, wood steering wheel
– Disc brakes
– Chambered exhaust
– Pushbutton AM radio
– Style trim group
– Special interior group
– Original 2-piece rotors, brake booster and master cylinder
– Original bumpers and 5 AD code Rally wheels
– Original window trim, door panels, and seat covers.



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