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1969-1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Book Review

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By Mark Weisseg

I have been waiting for a book just like this for quite a while. CarTechBooks along with authors Dan Burrell and Denny Aldridge have the complete story behind this legendary engine, the Ford Mustang Boss 429.

How did the engine and the Mustang become one? Why was the package only a two year run? So many questions from us Mustang lovers around the world and this book answers all those questions.

The book itself is in paperback form and is 96 pages. But, for all you Mustang lovers this paperback is stuffed with 124 pictures from all angles of the car and it’s components. The book covers the important facts as to “how and why” the Boss Mustang came to life. I’ll give you a short version of the story. Ford was getting its clock cleaned by Mopar on the road and on the track.

Ford wanted wins at NASCAR tracks first to get the attention of the racing world and general public. So, Ford built the mighty 429 to compete with the Mopar Hemi engine that was winning at the track and on the street. First thoughts were to install this monster engine in the Ford Galaxie. After all it fit under that big hood. But, Lee Iacocca of Ford at the time realized the motoring public wanted smaller cars with power. The Galaxie at the time was an intermediate car or a family car back then. So, the decision was made to stuff the huge power plant in the Mustang.

But, a problem arose. It would not fit and Ford needed this engine to work and work fast. So, they contracted with the well known race ready Kar Kraft of Brighton Michigan for help. And help they did. Kar Kraft squeezed this monster 429 into the light weight Mustang and the rest is history.
Today, Boss 429 Mustangs sell for huge sums of money. We have seen the cars sell for as much as 600k for numbers matching cars. Unfortunately the Boss 429 only survived two years. Why you ask? Well, it’s in this incredible book offered by CarTechbooks.

I encourage you to go on line and purchase this paperback for only $18.95 plus shipping and handling for the complete story on this amazing car and how it changed everything from the track to the street. It’s a good read with plenty of pictures to back up the stories. Good reading my friends.
You can buy it here from Amazon.

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