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1968 Pontiac GTO Field Find

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: #s matching 400 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 400 turbo
Price: $3000

Here we have a 1968 Pontiac GTO that has been literally left in a field for 35 years and has miraculously not rusted into oblivion. It’s actually remarkably intact for the environment it’s been in and comes with the numbers matching engine block, quite a few parts and a nice rundown from the seller of the good and bad of this vehicle.

For a car that has sat in a field for 35 years it’s obviously going to have rust. it’s unclear from the listing or the images exactly how much, but the exterior panels look in okay shape. It’s just the surprises underneath that will probably need checking out in person.

The ad. lists the good and bad points which include – ‘ #s matching 400 cubic inch V8 with 400 turbo transmission, power steering, original 4 wheel non power drum brakes, console with his and hers(dual gate)shifter, hidden headlights, original radiator,fan shroud, most if not all original brackets, original front brakes and suspension.’ The bad points – ‘a lot of rust.’ ‘missing the original 12 bolt rear end, 1 #16 head, exhaust manifolds, intake, original carburetor air cleaner, and radio.’

However, the seller has bought quite a few parts for the car – ‘An original set of 14″ rally wheels from a 68 Firebird, estored 10 bolt rear end, all new brakes, original exhaust manifolds, heads, intake, carburetor, air cleaner, original unrestored hood.’

You’ll have to start from scratch with the engine and the exact depth of the rust damage is really unknown. there is clearly a ton of work ahead to get this into any type of reasonable shape, but a ’68 GTO is one of the classic muscle cars and in itself could be worth the effort to fully restore.




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