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1968 Mercury Cougar 428 Cobra Jet, 1 of 48

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VIN: 8F91R574921
Engine: 428CJ
Transmission: 4spd Manual
Mileage: 46,136
Current bid: $12,750.00


This may be a rusty example of a Mercury Cougar, but it sure is a rarity and is equipped with one of the biggest engines that can propel you in a straight line.

The listing gives a great back history to the car and lots of detail. Here are some of its pertinent points –
Bought new from Spitzer Motors in Elyria Ohio on 6-10-68.
This car was painted black over its original red paint and this is evident and visible under the current paint.
The 428CJ engine is date coded 9B6 (2-6-1969), none original to the car.
None original transmission.
None original 1969 intake and a factory service correct Cobra Jet Holley.
One of only 64 R-Code 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air 4spd Cougars made in 1968.
Has the super high 4:30 rear axle ratio 9” that was later called the “Drag Pack” option in 1969.
The ONLY 1968 Cougars produced with the factory staggered shock conversion.
This is also a disc brake delete car.

The engine was supposedly rebuilt less than 500 miles ago, but at the moment is a nonstarter. The bodywork as you can see has lots of rust, especially on the roof needing a full replacement. From the lengthy description, most of the rust seems to be external. At least the interior looks pretty intact, especially the seats. The powertrain maybe non-original, which will ultimately affect its price, but at least it’s pretty near date wise.

One good thing is that the car comes with a Marti report verifying its credentials and with ’68 Cougars possibly reaching $200k, all things considered, this could be a worthy restoration project.





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