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1966 Pontiac Grand Prix 421, Numbers Matching

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Engine: 421.
Transmission: Automatic.
Mileage: 97,500.
Price: US $25,000.00


This is a very rare 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix 421 with matching numbers.
The car has less than 500 miles on the rebuilt engine and transmission.
It also sounds like it has had a restoration job which just need some odds and ends to complete, like the glass pack exhaust and heater core leaking.

Completely finished, this car would make a fine vehicle for anybody and thus it only needs a few jobs to be completely finished, thus this one is worth keeping an eye on.

Engine: #’s Matching 421! I Purchased This Car in 2012. IT Had a Light Lower End Knock in the Engine. SO I Had the Engine Pulled & Rebuilt. New Mild Cam, Lifters, Valves, Springs, Pistons, Rods, Rings, Bearings, Etc & Cut the Crank. Put on a New EDLEBROCK Carb, Chrome Valve Covers, Air Cleaner, Four Core Aluminium Radiator with Aux Trans Cooler. Also Replaced the Alternator, Water Pump, Starter, T-Stat, Hoses & Belts.

Exterior: after Getting the Car Back from the Mechanic. I Sent IT to the Body Shop. The Paint Was Extremely Dull & Cracking. SO IT Was Stripped to Bare Metal. The Lower Areas of the One Quarter Panels Were Rotted. SO New Lower Panels Were Purchased & Welded in. The Lower Inner Lip on the Deck Lid Was Starting to Rust. SO I Replaced IT with a Rust Free One from New Mexico. The Trunk Floor Had A Few Holes in IT. SO Instead of Using Patch Panels. I Replaced the Whole Trunk Floor. The Paint Is PPG Base Coat/Clear Coat. IT Was Wet Sanded & Buffed to a Smooth Finish. Originally Turquoise in & out. I Didn’t Care for the Colour. SO I Chose to Go with Silver over Black Interior Instead.

Interior: since IT Was Originally Turquoise. Everything Was Pulled & Replaced. All New WEATHERSTRIPING. The Dash PAD Was Recovered. The Dash Panel Was Sprayed Black. New Wood Grain Dash & Console Inserts Stained in Light Grey Walnut. Along with New Arm Rests & Chrome Handles.

Things That Will Need Attention:
One) the Glass Pack Exhaust Is Older. But Still Sounds Good. SO I Never Got around to Replacing IT.
Two) the Heater Core Was Leaking & Is Currently Bypassed.
Three) the Rear One Quarter Mouldings Were Missing. They Are Very Hard to Find! SO I Purchased a Nice Pair from a 66 Bonneville. But They Are Longer & Will Need to Be Cut to Fit.
Four) OEM AM Radio Lights up but Does Not Work.
Five) Vacuum Gauge Needs Vacuum Line Installed.
Six) IT Originally Had 14” Steel Wheels with Wheel Covers. I Had a Nice Set of 15” GM RALLYS That I Put on IT Instead. But I Think IT Would Look Much Better with Some Nice Chrome MAG Wheels.
This Is an Awesome Car That I Would Love to Finish & Keep. But Due to Certain Circumstances I Must Sell. This Is Easily a $40 K Car Finished. My Loss Is Your Gain.





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