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1965 Plymouth Barracuda: Bonneville Salt Flats LSR

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Engine: 528ci. Turbo Hemi
Transmission: Manual
Price: $175,000.00


Usually when we feature a ‘Cuda of any age, it’s the usual spread of vehicles available to the public no matter the pricetag. It’s not very often we come across one thats specifically built for topping record runs at Bonneville Salt Flats. This means that you’re getting one very specialist vehicle built to do one job alone. You could in theory use it as a grocery getter, as long as you have a pit crew on hand and a few miles clear, straight run to your shop of choice.

The car is said to have already set two records, beating the ones held previously by David Frieburger and Hot Rod magazine. AA/BGCC at 275.121 and AA/BFCC at 250.827. The vehicle was put together at Eddie’s Chop Shop and clearly built from the ground up to break records at the Salt Flats. The full rundown specs. listed below.

Built around data from the Darko Wind Tunnel facility testing, the powertrain centers around a 528” All Aluminum Hemi, 4.5 Bore x 4.150 Stroke producing 1763 rear wheel HP and a possible 40 plus psi of boost. This has reportedly made up to 291mph runs with only 13 psi of boost with the possibility of hitting the magic 300mph mark. The car has passed all SCTA inspections, so should be ready to run as you get it. The car has also been featured in car magazines in the past adding to its credibility.

Clearly this is an ultra-specialised vehicle built for breaking land speed records and not your average ‘Cuda. There is one thing above anything else, you will probably have at least the bragging rights of owning the fastest muscle car around.


528” All Aluminum Hemi 4.5 Bore x 4.150 Stroke
Indy Max Aluminum Block Water block (to run on gas)
Indy Big Valve Heads. 16Ral
Callies Dragon Slayer billet crank
Oliver rods Aria Pistons (coated tops and skirts)
60 MM Cam Isky Roller lifters
T.D. Roller Rockers Titanium Intake Valves/Inconel Exhaust
Missle Dry Sump oil system

2 88mm Precision Turbos Precision Turbo 60mm wastegates
Custom Intake manifold 2 Injectors per cylinder
Fast Efi XFI with traction control AMS Boost Control
Aeroquip fuel system Custom Intercooler/Ice water tank
MSD ignition Fast data acquisition

Lenco 5 speed CS4, Crower Sportsman 3 disc clutch
ACD computer controlled shifting
Winters extreme liner quick change with upgraded input shaft

Rear four link with coil overs Front is radius rods with coil overs

Original steel 1965 baracuda chopped and modified within rules for Comp Coupe. Removable fender skirts for tire change/maintenance. Hand formed one pc removable aluminum front nose. Roof rails, window modifications etc all custom made to class requirements. Custom wing by Eddie’s Chop Shop.

Custom built to exceed SCTA requirements for LSR. Full belly pan with functional diffuser for additional downforce and stability. Front and rear belly pans removable for service.




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