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The 1965 Dodge Coronet

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By Mark Weisseg

Here is a Dodge that gets little lovin but it really should. Most of these Coronets came with the famous and durable 225 slant six engine. It is probably going to go down as the best engine Dodge ever produced for the masses. You might fire right back and say I am nuts that the 383, 440, or the Hemi should get the honors. Or, how about the 273 or the 318, 340, or 360! Again, all good choices but the slang six us the winner. Unbelievable durability and a peppy little engine.

You could not kill this engine even if you a used it. Most never tried of course but it fit the Coronet and many other Mopar products for a long time. I have a history with this engine and to this very day love that engine. If you had it in this plain looking Coronet it would run forever. But we all know what a lot of guys did in the dark behind closed doors in this car. They dropped in the 383. The 426 Wedge, and the Hemi. Then the game changed of course. The car was not heavy, it had plenty of room under the hood, great interior space and with a little nudge Thai sleeper turned into a street monster. I know as I saw it done. The car was light enough that if you dropped in the big dog you were nearly unbeatable on the road.

But, let’s just stick to the slant six. 225 cubic inches of engine that was quiet, easy to maintain, and easy on the fuel. Add it all up and you my friend had a winner on your hands. So don’t dismiss a classic car with a slant six. They were great power plants and easy on the eyes and body. Certainly no land speed records will be given out but you will have a long term classic car that will not cause you any sleepless nights.

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