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1963 Impala Project Car By Ash Oliver

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This is a great story of a restoration project that isn’t just long-term, but sounds like a long time timekeeper.
Read the overview below by Ash Oliver and his intentions for the car.

‘The car was my grandpa’s. He gave it to my father when he was 20-ish. My dad never did anything with it really, it kind of sat around for ten years.’
Around April my buddy and I where talking about cars and I told him that my dad’s Impala was available and ran it just needed some work and that’s when we started working on it every day after school. We would work on the motor till dark and it took us about a week of hard work to get it going.’

‘Since then I’ve been firing it up about once a week just to hear it go and I’ve been doing everything I can to restore it but it’s hard being 16 and trying to restore it with my lack of funding, parts, etc.’
‘Anyway, it has a 327 ci. motor and a 4 speed transmission. At one point in its life it was an automatic but someone butchered my floor pan and put a standard one in it. The odometer reads 300,000 miles and it’s completely stock. It hasn’t been lowered or had those stupid rims.’


‘My future plans for it are first sanding the bodywork. It needs a radiator flush, a transmission fluid change and a new throw out barring. It’s power steering hooking back up then it would run like a dream.’

‘I also plan on redoing the carpets. ‘I’m going to rhino line the trunk and redo the upholstery. I’m not going to sell it as I’ve noticed that some older people’s biggest regrets are selling there cars, so this is mine for keeps.’



By Ash Oliver

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