10 Differences Between US And European Mustangs

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By David Ashton

The Mustang has been selling well over in Europe, especially in Germany, where it recently outsold some of its own home spun sports cars.

However, there are some major differences between the American and European versions of the Mustang which quite honestly, as a European Mustang owner, I would want to ignore.

If you live in Europe and have just purchased a new right-hand drive Mustang, just go ahead and enjoy the thing without the comparisons. It might otherwise make for just depressing reading or watching. Then again, that’s what tuning outfits are for.

On the flipside, American Mustang owners are safe in the knowledge their versions are still the best thoroughbreds, with the most power and performance.

The video does go into detail into these differences such as in the power variations. The right hand drive conversion for the European market drops the Mustang in power where the exhaust manifold is constrained, so a smaller diameter is needed on right-hand drive models. This results in a drop of 25 hp and 9ft. lbs. of torque in right-hand drive models, which equates to European models having 410hp and 391 ft.lbs. of torque and the US models having 435hp and 400 ft. lbs. of torque.

Another is the Eu’stang doesn’t get the 3.73:1 drive ratio amongst others.

The takeaway here is no matter which version of Mustang you own and on which continent, you still have plenty of power and performance in your horsey for most situations and Europe finally getting a right-hand drive version has been the overriding factor, not really. The differences between one being U.S.-born or European.

Still, it does give the US thoroughbred some room to gloat!

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