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Nothings What It Seems With A Field Find Car

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By Mark Weisseg

Now I know it looks like a parking lot at the old folks home or possibly a parking area at work. But boys and girls it is a bone yard in the grass. The highlighted car is a Mustang of no particular value in the Mustang world. Sure, there is always a buyer somewhere that has a long boring story to tell but there is a reason it is here. Just like the others. Look them over. See anything of any value?

Unless the bone yard guy just likes parking cars crooked these are parts cars. Now, I admit the Mustang has all its pieces but in the large scheme of things the value just is not there. You could crush them and melt it all down and get a check for a couple of grand but that brings on a new problem. You will need to cut the grass then.

It’s easier to leave them here and get wandering fools to stop in and bore you with there stories in the mean time. My note to you is one of caution.
If you see cars like this along side the road you must remember they have been picked through for years for any type of value. None found, move on, nothing to see here folks. Now inside the barn is another story. Rarely will you come across a jewel in a field that has been sitting a long time. They were here before you and odds are they will be here after you.

Now, go out and look in barns, Tee Pees, or any other building that could hold a car. Never assume anything. An old furniture store could be a gold mine of cars. I know of a guy hiding cars in an old church. I guess he’s praying you don’t find them.

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