Do You Wish The Chevy Chevelle Would Come Back?

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We are asking this question after reading a post on the titled, ‘Why We’re Glad the Chevy Chevelle Never Came Back.

Don’t take the title as completely negative, as they do have their reasons as we will point out later.

The Chevelle was one of the icons of the muscle car era. made between 1963 and 1977, the model probably hit its peak with the 1970 454 SS, with models a few years before and after being just as classic.
It was also quite a sales success, with the Malibu being the top of the range and variations such as the El Camino taking some of the limelight.
However, insurance industry started to take note of these large displacement, high horsepower vehicles by 1970, which is why many of the advertised horsepower ratings were officially underrated at the time, e.g. the big-block 454ci. V8 was advertised at 450 HP and 500lbs. ft. of torque, but was really nearer to 500 HP.

Many factors went into the slow downward spiral of the car, as mentioned insurance prices, but also safety and emissions laws and Chevy themselves with ‘newer’ A-bodies and the popularity of the Camaro.

However, back to the point in hand. The article says that the Malibu was brought back in 1997 and while sales were good, it didn’t exactly bring back all the things that came with the classic muscle cars. And that’s their point. Maybe it’s best to leave the Chevelle as being a past classic and not to tarnish it’s reputation.

The problem is just like the Dodge Charger and Challenger, people wanted them to come back but in the right format. Luckily for Dodge, the Charger and Challenger hit the spot, especially the Challenger with the Hellcat. But look at the poor Dodge Dart. A classic in its day, which came back as just a regular driver.
A bit like a classic band having a reunion. If they don’t do it right, it can tarnish their past reputation. So it’s a fine line to tread. Echoes of the best of the past, with what people want today.

Would you like to see the Chevy Chevelle comeback or be left as one of the standout cars of the muscle car era? Comment below.


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