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Why Movies Still Use Classic Muscle Cars

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While I was trawling through Netflix the other evening, I thought I would watch the 2004 film ‘The Punisher‘  to wile away a few hours.

If you haven’t seen the film, make of it what you will as this isn’t really a film review article, but with the appearance of a car which at first seemed to be Plymouth Road Runner ( actually it was in 1968 Plymouth Satellite  dressed up to look like a Roadrunner and the upturned dead car in the picture above is a Pontiac GTO, five of them used in the film) made me realize the continued importance of old muscle cars in movies.

The Punisher movie is now over 10 years old, but recent films such as the Fast and The Furious franchise and such, continue to use classic muscle cars, but why when there are so many other American made vehicles or any other type for that matter that would make ideal movie vehicles?

Obviously, a French arthouse video may not feature an American muscle car, but the American muscle car still stands out today as a symbol of power, performance and raw, exciting, sensory overload driving.
It’s probably why Quentin Tarantino chose a Chevy Nova in a Dodge Challenger for his film ‘Death Proof.’ The Black Nova with its high stance and fearsome sounding V8, gave an air of the sinister and powerful.
Stealing another Frenchism, the American muscle car just has a certain, ‘je ne sais quoi’ and always will have.

From iconic films like ‘Gone in 60 seconds’, ‘Vanishing Point’ and the decades of TV shows, the American muscle car continues to be a symbol of driving performance and power.

May they long be shown on our screens and our roads.

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