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Is A Volkswagen Challenger Possible?

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By Mark Weisseg

You scoff at the idea of a VW Challenger don’t you? However, recent comments by the leader of VW said he is open to talks with FCA. Yikes.

As we all know VW was rocked by ‘diesel gate’. Yes they were caught cheating on the diesel particulate matter by of all people the students at WVU. Better known as Weat Virginia University. Well, since being caught and then lying about it they have been fined billions of dollars and just about abandoned the Diesel engine program. I feel that is a terrible shame as that Diesel engine was durable and powerful.

Now VW is focusing on electric cars, hybrids and gasoline engines. They have said in the press they are really going to lean toward the future of electric cars. They set lofty goals years ago but never obtained the target. Now, they are rebuilding the brands image. What better way to do so than take on a struggling car maker such as Fiat. The Fiat brand has been a dud in the North American market to date.

It does seem odd VW would want to buy or merge with FCA, but don’t rule anything out. The Ram badge is not included in these rumors. But, if you own a Charger or a Challenger your parent company is Fiat. And, with sales that are soft the leader of FCA has said he would like a merger with another viable automaker. To date nobody has bitten on that hook but maybe VW might be right?

Even though VW has billions of dollars in fines they still have very deep pockets. Much deeper than FCA. So, we will need to keep an ear to the rail on this one. It just might be the right combination. After all, who do you thinks owns the Bugatti Veron? Yes, VW, as well as the Bentley brand. So, stop laughing and start thinking that this merger might save the struggling FCA brand. Time will tell so stay tuned.

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