Vin Diesel Leaks New 800hp 2018 Dodge Demon

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dodge demon

By Dave Ashton

The buzz at the moment in the Dodge vehicle camp is the new Dodge Demon, which at present all we have had glimpses of through teaser videos but now it seems then Vin Diesel could have let the new Dodge Demon slip out into the wild early through this Facebook live video.

The video was put out for Mr. Diesel to thank and give appreciation to all the Fast and Furious crew, but the video also shows what could possibly be the new Dodge Demon sat right behind him. As Dodge have close relationships with the Fast and Furious franchise, these two vehicles could just be built for the movie or from the looks of things with their integrated body design, could just be fully clothed Demons unsuspectingly shown in this video clip.
Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are these just vehicles dressed up for the movies or could they could be the new Dodge Demon.

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