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Vin Decoders Review

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The Vin number  (vehicle identification number) is a chassis number to uniquely identify any vehicle.
They were first introduced in 1954, but with no clear standard of the formats at the time. In 1981 the National Highway traffic Safety Administration standardised the format in America.
Knowing how to identify the numbers will help you identify a vehicle and make sure it is what it says it is.

Online Vin Decoders
Now we know what the numbers are and what they are used for, how do we decode the numbers to get us the information we need on a particular car?

There are quite a few websites which offer a ‘Vin decoder.’ Most will give you the make, model and year of a car, while some will give you much more information about the vehicle.

Below we check out a few of the online VIN decoders by simply finding a few cars for sale on eBay, noting their VIN numbers and see if it matches up with the information from the VIN decoders online.
This VIN decoder seems to give a lot of information about the vehicle, not just make, model and year. It also has a VIN report plan which you can pay for, but see if you can gain as much information as you can from their free functionality.
This site gives you more links to a rundown of the VIN numbers for Camaros, Firebirds and Mopars. It will also give you some background information on the numbers themselves. Worth a try.
This site is quite good as it gives you the makes in alphabetical order for you to choose from.
A Straight forward interface and plenty of information.
Aswell as a VIN decoder they have OEM parts interchange search finding parts within their website.
This is more descriptions of the numbers on how to identify them, but it gives you lots of information.

Like any online tools, it’s an idea to try a few of them and then the compiled the information each gives you.

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