The Unique, Ford Fairlane Galaxie Skyliner, Convertible Car

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By Mark Weisseg

Did you ever see one of these Ford Fairlane Galaxie Skyliners in person? Check out the image closely to see this wonderful piece of convertible engineering.
It is amazing feat to watch all those pieces move around and work. There appears to be miles of wire and little motors to move a train. To me I still cannot imagine how the engineers figured all this out or why. Repairing this issue if it broke might break you but it’s a marvel to watch in person.

Ironically the value of these cars has leveled off for years. They are cool cars but I would stay awake at night worried I would be the unlucky cluck caught in the rain. I have driven in these cars with the regular hard tops and they are a very average car. Big, bulky, underpowered and not to exciting. But, throw in one of these retractable’s and its a new game. The car is still heavy, bulky, under powered but watching that top go up and down is worth the ten cents to get in.

A guy and his wife used to bring one to our car shows for years but I have not seen them now for about two years. It could be tucked away in the garage or they simply sold it to another person who wants to watch the top go in and down and in and out. These Fords with the retractable tops are a bit rare. Most people just cannot afford to restore this car and repair or replace all the wiring and motors that make this top do its thing. But, if you ever get the chance, pay the ten cents and watch this in action. It’s really cool.

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