An Unbelievable Snow plough 57 Chevrolet

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By Mark Weisseg

In parts of the west such as the Dakotas they are being hammered with blizzard type snows. Schools and stores are closed and the big dig out continues. When these events happen everyone that can man a shovel does so. Snow blowers, snow throwers and hard work gets the roads and driveways passable again. As bad as it is for some, there is a lot of money to be made plowing snow.

When I saw this picture of a ’57 Chevy body on top of a four wheel drive truck I smiled. Hey, this old Chevy is plowing snow.
Yes, what every sound American should do. Find a car that is world renowned and make a plow truck out of it. Forget taking the body and putting back on the real frame and making it a very pricey classic. That’s silly. This guy is a genius. Next, I hope he finds a rare 59 Caddy convertible and does the same thing……..

You see, every day another Einstein is born. Some Einsteins never find there calling. They land up being land Barron’s or stupid Doctors or lawyers. But other Einsteins got the call of the calling. This genius is one of them. Finding or buying a 57 Chevy is hard work. Everyone loves them. They are revered worldwide and yet we all missed the real usage of such a car. Hopefully in spring the owner will attach a plow to this and do the north forty to plant corn. What better way can anyone use a 57 Chevy?

Stupid me always thought to build them to be show cars, daily drivers or just keep them as the priced classics they are. For some reason I never thought about plowing snow with one. Ding! The light bulb has now gone off.

Now I know to find the rarest of the rare cars and make farm implements out of them. Ok, back to spinning out the Mustang into crowds of people. At least I understand that.

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