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The Swedish Love Of Muscle Cars: The Best In Europe.

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On the surface, Europe isn’t seen as being the greatest lover of American muscle cars, but when you take a closer look, there are not just pockets of enthusiasts, but whole countries that simply just love American muscle cars.

Arguably Sweden has the largest contingent in Europe of muscle car lovers. A love that has gone back to the 1920s.
Scandinavia and America have always had good relations with GM having plants in Stockholm from the 1920’s until 1956.

The 60’s brought in the first drag races in Scandinavia and as the muscle car era was at its zenith, all the major American muscle car manufacturers sold in Scandinavia, only to further increase the interest in the country just as it did stateside.
But as the oil crisis hit in 1973, the big engined muscle cars and gas prices started to become less popular, which was great news for the Scandinavians.
These muscle cars were shipped over to Scandinavia. They sent boatloads of Volvos and Saabs to the US, which returned to Sweden full of muscle cars, to be sold at low cost…as long as it had a huge engine.
Just like in America, the good old American car was big enough to fit in many people, which made the car a social machine, something to bring people together, not just a transportation device.
Basically Scandinavia got the idea of the muscle car instantly.

The back story means that the Swedish love of the muscle car more or less mirrors that of the US in the same time periods, which means today’s muscle car scene is just as healthy in Sweden as it is anywhere in America.

The biggest muscle car show on the planet: The Power Big Meet
Each year over 20,000 muscle cars coincide in Västerås, Sweden, showing everything from Street Rods, Customs, 50’s cruisers, 60’s muscle cars, Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros.
Check out the video below. This is not a small meet..!


Here is the U.K.’s Fifth Gear show giving great detailed information about the Power Meet Show.

Just check out their website to see the scale of the event here.

Europe prefer big just like America
Truth be told, the Europeans if they could get away with it, would all drive huge engined cars. It’s just that gas prices have always been astronomically higher than in the US, along with other factors, but Sweden are showing the rest in a bold and loud fashion that you can enjoy both ends of the spectrum and now those decades of love mean they have some ultra rarities on their hands.

Keep an eye on Swedish muscle cars. You never know, it may be where you source your next rare part!

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