The New Golden Age of Muscle Cars Is Here!

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The New Golden Age of Muscle Cars Is Here!

The New Golden Age of Muscle Cars Is Here

It’s not about to happen, we are now living it, the new breed of muscle cars like the Dodge hellcat, Mustang and hopefully the new Camaro, show that the public have a need for speed and performance.

From auto –
‘The staff of Automotive News recently tested a Dodge Challenger SRT with the 707-hp Hellcat engine. One editor used two words describe the car’s acceleration: “breathtaking” and “hair-raising.”

A nicely equipped Hellcat Challenger sells for about $65,000. That may be the bargain of the century in terms of horsepower per dollar. Fiat Chrysler has stopped taking orders for the Hellcat this year because it can’t build them fast enough.’

Great news, but the dissenters will say that the American muscle car is still locked in the past, while European manufacturers are trying to squeeze the most power out of the smaller engines, along with massive weight savings.
But like any generic statement, the truth is a little different.

Quoting the auto statement above, the new hellcat Challenger has the most horsepower per dollar. That along with the Challenger’s heritage make this a vehicle to compete with anything in its class.

Also, current vehicle designs, no matter if it is a high-powered small European design or fullbore modern muscle car, cannot be compared to the 60s and 70s muscle cars. It’s a straightforward apples and oranges situation.
You cannot compare designs and engineering from four decades ago to current advancements.
Everybody would hope that car designs and engineering is far more advanced 40 years on, just as it would not be unfair to compare a Ferrari from the 60s to a 2015 a model.

To conclude, borrowing a line from Blade Runner, ‘let’s revel in our times’ and celebrate the return to form by the muscle car makers.

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