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Batmobile Image

by Dave Ashton

While the majority of us have had to sit around twiddling our thumbs of late, at least the Dark Knight has been working on his car for the 2021 Batman reboot movie.

Apparently, the new movie will be based around Batman’s early days of crime-fighting, which calls for a less futuristic style Batmobile as seen in previous outings. Something more old school and not as sci-fi. looking, as per versions we’ve seen in previous films. As you can see from the image above, it’s almost a blend of Dodge Charger, Camaro and Mustang, with the pre-requisite Bat technology thrown into the mix.

This new Batmobile has a rear mounted engine (hopefully a large V8) with huge manifolds and side vented exhaust pipes. Other aspects of note are the red lighting around the car, which could be a callback to the color schemes of the Adam West Batmobile led TV shows of yesteryear.

Batmobile Image

Also of note are a few design changes to the Batmobile which are different than the first released teaser trailers from the new movie. The obvious standout is the lack of windshield wiper blades on this version, which means whatever we see in the teaser reals today, may at the least come out subtly different in the final movie.

One thing is for sure, the vehicle will be loaded up with all types of weaponry and hopefully the usual wealth of Bat gadgets. Let’s just hope though that the makers don’t follow the original Batman TV series of having to label everything in view with the precursor of ‘Bat’, e.g. Bat computer, Bat phone, Bat toilet.

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