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The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class: German Muscle

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If you know a little bit about Mercedes Benz models, then the Maybach S-Class is likely near the top of your list as far as desirable vehicles go. Several features make it a standout in the luxury and  European muscle car market, and we’ll go over them briefly in this article, as well as some potential drawbacks.


This vehicle is the plushest, most spacious, and most elegant sedan that you can get from Mercedes, the iconic German automaker. It’s the definition of opulence, and it is among the few new cars you can get that have the option of the V12 engine. For either the 2019 or 2020 versions, don’t expect to be paying less than $170K, unless you find one used or certified pre-owned.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is probably going to be for you if you like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class full-size sedan, but you want something more exclusive and larger. The Maybach version of this popular model comes with all-wheel drive and a standard twin-turbo V8 engine. However, you can also pay more to get one with rear-wheel drive and a V12 for additional power and exceptional control. The 2019 version comes with a new radiator grille. You can also find it with optional 2-tone paint and exclusive colors.

With the Maybach, you get a voice recognition system, USB port, and smartphone interface standard. It also comes with remote engine start, real-time traffic information capabilities, and proximity-sensing keyless entry. You also get a handy navigation system, hands-free phone connectivity, and Bluetooth wireless technology.

If you’re looking for entertainment during your drive, the Maybach comes with Bluetooth streaming audio and premium and satellite radio. The interior has an in-cabin fragrance system that can’t quite outshine the lingering, subtle aroma of treated leather. The doors thud heavily when you close them, making you feel both safe and serene.


There’s no doubt that this is an ultra-luxury sedan. However, some drivers don’t feel like it is quite the cultural calling-card as some of its competitors. For instance, the Rolls-Royce Ghost and the Bentley Flying Spur are comparably priced, and some people feel that they are more desirable.  

The other complaint some consumers have about the Maybach is that it just isn’t that exciting to drive. It glides smoothly over the road, and it amounts to first-class transportation, but it isn’t exactly jaunty or sporty. If you want something a bit livelier, then there are some other options available, such as the Mercedes S-Class AMG model. That one is all about performance-oriented driving, while the Maybach is intended more for a blissful journey from point A to point B.   

Also, the fuel economy of the Maybach isn’t exactly fantastic. You get 16 MPG in the city, and 25 on the highway, for a combined MPG of 19. Still, for vehicles of this size and weight, you’re probably not going to do a whole lot better, unless you get a hybrid.

There’s also the issue of Mercedes service. It’s true that you’re not going to find quite as many shops that cater to Mercedes as some of the other companies on the road. If you’re zeroing in on this model, then you should try and find out if there’s a shop near to you that services them. If not, you may have to go further afield if anything ever goes wrong with your Maybach.

Is Buying a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Worth It?

Now that you know somewhat more about this model, and the pros and cons, you are in a better position to decide whether it is worth it to buy one. Essentially, it’s all going to come down to your priorities as a driver. This is about as high-end of a sedan as you’re likely to find. The features and add-ons that you can get mean you’re going to be cruising in style. However, it’s going to cost you close to $200K to do so, and some drivers might want to go the Bentley or Rolls-Royce route for that kind of price tag.

Still, if you’re shopping in this price range, and you take the Maybach S-Class for a test drive, it’s easy to see you falling in love with it. Once you experience the keyless entry, ease into the driver’s seat, smell the leather, and try out the Burmester Surround Sound System for the first time, you might feel hard-pressed not to drive it home that very same day.  


Daniel has been a car enthusiast for as long as he can remember, he started working on cars in his teen years and learning all he came from his mentors and through reason auto mechanic books. He is now sharing his auto knowledge by writing for Euromotorsport European Car Service.


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