1974 Hornet X- The Man with the Golden Gun Movie

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1974 Hornet X: special suspension, a six cylinder engine (for reduced weight), and a centered steering wheel.



The cork-screw car jump was performed in just one take by uncredited British stuntman ‘Bumps’ Williard with 8 cameras simultaneously capturing the action.


Jay Milligan, who was the promoter of the American Thrill Show during the 1960s and 1970s performed the barrel roll stunt, known as the Astro Spiral Jump and it debuted on January 12, 1972 at the Houston Astrodome using an AMC Javelin.
Jay Milligan drove the AMC Hornet during the chase scenes in Bangkok, Thailand.


The producers of the film, Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli, allegedly took out patents and copyrights on the stunt as they did not want it to appear in another movie before they had used it.


AMC provided 15 vehicles in the film (some of them where AMC Matador police cars).


Two AMC Hornets were used for the spiral jump stunt, one still owned by Jay Milligan – which is the backup vehicle, while the other is in a museum.


Vehicles featured included various American Motors cars including two American Motors Cassini (AMC) Coupés, a red 1974 AMC Hornet X Hatchback Special Coupé which performs the spiral loop jump and a brown and gold 1974 AMC Matador X Coupé which became a car-plane which was based on the Aerocar International’s Aerocar or Taylor Aerocar; a fleet of green Peninsula Hotel Rolls Royce Silver Shadows; a Cairo Taxi; an MGB; Mercedes-Benz 240D; Longtail Boats riding the Bangkok floating market’s canals and waterways known as the Klongs; Scaramanga’s diesel-engine Chinese Junk; a Republic RC-3 SeaBee seaplane; and a Hong Kong Harbour Patrol Boat.




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