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The Maddest Car Mods

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Moding your car can very quickly become a very slippery slope.
It may start off with just some furry dice, but years later you end up with the wackiest car mods on the planet or potentially.

So here are some of the more wacky car mods on the Internet.
Inspirational, highly creative car or craziness in car form, you decide.

The Xbox Driver
For the gamer who cannot be away from his games console for too long.


Mercedes Pig
No comment…………….


Donkey Kong Low Rider
The ride height may have been improved, but I really wouldn’t like to be in that car when it hits a bump.


Turtle power
This one is almost an optical illusion. At first I thought is this a model car or a car bolted onto a terrapin?
Neither, it’s a bad dream.


Low Wood Rider
This car cannot be used in anything bought dry weather and cannot be driven faster than 25 mph.
For some reason, it looks really cool.


Post Apocalyptic
Crazy or cool, it’s a fine line, but there seems to be a lot of enthusiasts online producing ‘post-apocalyptic’ cars – basically, you’re ‘Mad Max’ type vehicles.
Next time you find a junk vehicle, simply bolt on some mini guns, an external roll cage, a few skulls and you’re set.
Breakdown cover is also a little scarce in the  post-apocalyptic world.  As you can see from the image below, driver and passenger have been waiting an awfully long time…….

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