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The Long Winter Muscle Car Months Are Nearly Behind Us

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By Mark Weisseg

Winter is usually a time where precious muscle cars are stored away until the milder weather months return (obviously, depending on where you live and how adventurous you are).
After a few months of hibernation with my own choice of car, I got to see my Roadrunner in storage.

Starting with lifting up the car cover to make sure it was still there, like checking on a hibernating animal to see if they are still warm and cosy.
I opened the hood and looked for critters and the nests they build. I checked all of my traps and opened the drivers door and peaked inside. I went to the back of the car and opened the trunk and looked that over as well.
Just like a new father that checks on the sleeping baby I had to see it and touch it.
I could not start it because I have winterized it and it is not ready for that until the real warm weather shows up again. But I gotta tell you I felt very warm and humbled that evening that this car was safe and awaiting my return. In fact, a member of my family asked if we could go look at it again and talk about certain things related to the car.
Of course I obliged and could have talked all night but others were waiting for us. I really do not like that the car is not within my reach everyday even though it is safe, warm, and dry.
I just need to see it and touch it for my own mental health. We have a lot of money invested in this car and it has been on my bucket list for decades.
Now, it is mine and I will take care of this for as long as I own it. It is not the fastest or the best handling car of that era but I don’t care. It was my dream and now I finally own it. I loved driving it this past summer and look forward to an early spring like many of you to wipe off the dust and get this baby back on the road again.

The point here is that just like an animal hibernating, it still needs regular checking even if it is to just touch the thing and remind yourself it still belongs to you.

I hope your holiday was a great one and that in the coming year your health and happiness is job one.

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