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The Gorgeous Bloody Liberty Walk Challenger

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liberty challenger image

By Dave Ashton

Custom wraps and exterior designs on a car are nothing new. Every once in a while one design stands out, especially when it gets some fine video and photography to back it up. In this case it’s a blood splat design wrapped around a Dodge Challenger with added widebody kit.

On initial impressions, you can take the look of the car one of two ways. A gory take on the muscle car concept or a Jackson Pollock inspired, bright red, beautiful splat painting. Especially when you look at the attached images, I err on the latter.

Instant Comfort Armrest

After a little digging online we found that this Dodge Challenger has a Liberty Walk kit and the blood wrap applied by Fos Automotive Concepts and Spa, Dubai. Other custom features are custom lighting, Air Lift Performance suspension, ARP front splitter, three-piece forged wheels and power increased to 820Hp.

liberty challenger image

The gorgeous images you see here of the Bloody Challenger seem to have been shot by ‘RK Works.’ We couldn’t find a link to the rest of their work online, but if anybody finds them please add to the comments below so we can link to their work. We grabbed the images from the original owner of the car’s Instagram page, so this is the best we can do for for image credits at this point. The Challenger is seemingly owned by Sahad Ibrahim from the official United Arab Emirates Dodge Club, judging from the front licence plate on the car and the Instagram count…….if this is not the owner, the person is one big fan of the car….which probably equates to the same thing….

liberty challenger image

The images themselves make the Challenger look almost tranquil, like they are surrounded by Japanese maple trees in a surreal garden. Juxtapose that setting with the inherent aggressive nature of the Dodge Challenger and the result is some mighty fine artwork.

As you can see from this Instagram post, the car has got some unique feedback.

The look of the car has also inspired a Mod for GTA San Andreas. You can find the details for the car and a download link for the mod here. Hot Wheels have even got in on the act, producing their own version.

liberty challenger image


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