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The Cult of Muscle Car Renders

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The Cult of Muscle Car Renders

By Dave Ashton

‘What if….’ This seems to be the starting point for most artists to interpret past, present, and future muscle cars.
Since day one of the automobile, artists have pondered what alternative versions of a car may look like. Either reimagining old classics, redesigning present vehicles or possible designs for the future. Below we will take a look at this highly creative subculture with some choice picks.

What’s a Render?

When I think of a muscle car render, I generally think of some sort of CGI/3D creation. But, as the word render essentially means, ‘to represent or depict artistically,’ it can be anything from a simple pencil drawing to a multistage, digital asset. For example, take the wonderfully futuristic Mustang render by Jomar Machado from our header image. A great example of a digital rendering.

Good old-fashioned pencil drawings will never die out, as per the example below. If you fancy gaining the skills to draw your own muscle car, then has a nice tutorial on how to draw your own muscle car.



No matter if the end result is for the artist to simply flex their creative muscles or design the next new thing, a subjective interpretation is the endgame.

Some draw or paint classic muscle cars to simply sell on as automotive artwork. This is a valid area, as a man cave always looks much better with a few bits of muscle car artwork hanging from the wall. Then there is the rendering of current or future models. In other words, the basic ‘what if..’ mindset.

Below is a truly lifelike 3-D rendering of a Dodge Demon Shooting Brake by Rain Prisk. Basically, what would the Dodge Demon look like in a family-friendly form.

Dodge Demon Shooting Brake

Then there is the interpretation of old classics into outlandish, custom vehicles. Just check out the render below of a Pontiac GTO Judge by Instagram user @adry53customs (Judgemental). Even if you don’t like the design, you can’t help but admire the guy’s artistic skills.


But, what about future models? With Dodge planning to spit out its first EV muscle car in the next few years, everybody’s trying to second guess a possible design. One particularly cool vision of the 2024 Dodge Challenger emuscle car is from Adry53Customs. I’m no muscle car designer, but this interpretation looks very viable. Me wonders if the official Dodge designers take note of these designs. Only time will tell.


It’s all About Creativity

Muscle car renders allow our imaginations to go wild. The constraints of production vehicles don’t apply, and the final design isn’t restricted by wind tunnels or computer readouts. But, for those trying to predict the design of a future model get the most satisfaction if their design comes to fruition, whole or in part.

If you want to check out further muscle car renders and artwork, you can’t go wrong with visiting or Pinterest. Maybe, buy some of their artwork to keep their creative juices flowing.


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