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The Classic 1959 Chevy

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By Mark Weisseg

I wonder if the designers and builders knew back in 1959 this car would be a hit nearly 57 years later.

I first rode in one of these as a child and can still remember the huge back seat. The woman who drove it that day steered it effortlessly and made it look so easy. From a size standard, this car is big. So big it might not fit in my garage today.
The one I rode in was a hardtop but looking at this drop top car I get the feeling if you drove this down the highway back in the day with the top down you would have felt like a million bucks.
You can bet most came with the 283 engine and a two speed PowerGlide transmission. I like that tranny because when I was in tech school the transmission instructor was a blind guy and he always challenged us young punks. What was the challenge? Put a blindfold on and tear apart the PowerGlide and put it back together faster than the instructor. Rarely did he lose this bet and he could do it with any transmission back in the day. But, enough said about the PowerGlide.

Let’s return ourselves to the cool 59 Chevy. I believe the powers that be knew it was a winner back then but I do doubt that they would have thought nearly 57 years later it would still be cool. Cool as in classic, cool as in everyone would love to still have one. The choices would be tough however. Do you hot rod it and resto mod the car to today’s standards or leave it alone and let it drive like it once was? I am an original type of guy so you know my answer.

When you see a beauty like this at a show, I beg of you to stop and look at the finer details. Look at the dash. It’s a work of art compared to the dash computer systems of our day. Look at the sweeping lines. They are talking to you and all you need to do is stop and listen and your inspiration will hear what to do.

Please do not assume that only certain cars are muscle cars or classic cars, or boring cars. If something has been around as long as this car has and still holds a place in your heart then you need to give the folks who designed and built this car a pat on the back. And more.

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