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The Art of the Muscle Car: Collector’s Edition Review

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We all like to have a coffee table book to read, so it’s time to stock up on muscle car books and see what was is out there worthy to buy.

Obviously, the first port of call was Amazon, so I could get some good feedback on which was the best.

These two reviews pulled me into this book –
“Beautiful photography of the most brutish muscle cars America ever built, from the Chevrolet Camaro and Chevelle to the Plymouth Barracuda and Superbird.” – Automobile Magazine

“Motorbooks will be releasing a compendium of classic car awesomeness in less than 10 days. The title? “The Art of the Muscle Car”. And it’s chocked-full of images and back stories galore on the best of what America has had to offer since the glory says of the muscle car’s birth in the latter 1960s.” –

But why this one above all the other muscle car books?
Personally, I love looking at large well photographed images of muscle cars, not just to get background information, but its the symptom of the car poster on the bedroom wall thing. We just like musing upon things of beauty!
This book is full of fantastic car photography and I really do like staring at the images like I’m in an art gallery.

It covers the main muscle car era from 64 to 74, with the majority of the most popular makes and models being featured, but the smaller compacts such as Dodge Dart and Corvettes are excluded for some reason.
I guess to feature every single make and model, with all the options and variations would be outside the scope of a book this size, but it gets the majority of the most famous models in there.

You will find longer textual accounts in other books, but I didn’t buy the book for that reason. Large fantastic musclecar images in an elegant book is what I was after.

For any musclecar fan out there, it would make a great present or gift.
If you are after a book that gives a full documented account of the musclecar era, then you may want to supplement this book with other resources which focus specifically on certain makes and models, but with this book, you won’t be disappointed for general muscle car examples and background.



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