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The 2024 Shelby American Super Snake: Unleashing 830+ Horsepower

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2024 Shelby American Super Snake

The landmark of 800HP is a nice round figure to aim for in the supercar or muscle car arena. Ford is doing their part in this regard, introducing an upgrade package for the S650 Mustang, the 2024 Shelby Super Snake. The upgrades cover body parts, engine enhancements and wheels to produce power exceeding 830HP. That’s more power than the best Super Snake or GTD.

The Important Stuff
1. Raw Power
At the heart of the Super Snake lies a 5.0-liter V8 engine, but this isn’t your run-of-the-mill powerplant. With the addition of a Whipple supercharger, the Super Snake roars to life, producing over 830 horsepower or 480hp in non-supercharged formats.

2. Performance Upgrades
Shelby America will upgrade all other components to handle the huge increase in power.

Transmission: Choose between an automatic or manual transmission. Opt for the stick, and you’ll enjoy a short-throw shifter and a one-piece driveshaft—a nod to the purists who savour every gear change.

Suspension: Upgraded components ensure the Super Snake hugs corners like a determined lover. Sturdier half shafts, a new suspension system, and extended wheel studs make this Mustang a track-ready beast.

Brakes: New brake rotors provide stopping power worthy of taming 830 horses. Because speed is exhilarating, but controlled speed is art.
Wheels: Lightweight 20-inch forged magnesium alloy wheels grip the pavement, enhancing agility and reducing unsprung weight. These wheels aren’t just functional; they’re a statement.

3. Aero and Aesthetics
The Super Snake’s appearance matches its performance:

Carbon Fiber: The hardtop version flaunts a carbon fiber rear wing, while the convertible opts for a sleeker profile. Both share a carbon fiber hood with aggressive extractors, venting heat and intimidation.

Widebody Fenders: Wider fenders demand attention. Constructed from composite material, they house the Super Snake’s muscular stance.
Front Fascia: A new fascia integrates a lower splitter and carbon wickers, channelling airflow for stability and visual drama.

Roll Bar: The coupe boasts a unique roll bar with an integrated light bar—a nod to safety and style.

Legally Tinted Windows: Privacy meets aesthetics. The Super Snake’s windows are tinted just enough to add mystique without compromising visibility.

4. Limited Edition Status
Only 250 Super Snakes will grace American roads.


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