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The 2016 Ford Mustang Goes To Europe: Should The US care?

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The latest Ford Mustang model became available in Europe in late 2015, but is this any consequence to Ford, Mustang and the legions of fans in the USA? Should we care?

Ford have been commonplace in Europe forever, to the point where you have to remind them that it is a US company. Models like the Escort and Fiesta have been around forever, but mention a Mustang and it’s one of those ‘yank tanks,’ or ‘gas guzzlers’ meaning, Europeans will have to take some time to acclimatise to this new way of thinking.
Their European TV ad. for the new Mustang reflects this point, asking viewer to think differently, with the end image showing A GT40, Mustang and Ford F Truck. The most unfamiliar Ford’s to Europeans.

Ford are hitting them directly with a right-hand drive model (for all those who argue which is the correct side of the road to drive on, it’s the right as most people are right-handed, so shifting is easier and that’s coming from a left-hander, 1 to us..!)
The European Mustang will have the 5L V8 powerplant and the lower engine variants as per the US, with the V8 producing 415bhp and 391lb ft of torque, Top speed – 155mph (limited), 0-60mph in 4.8sec, six piston Brembo caliper brakes, a price of $47,159.56(£33,995) and the modern amenities on all the US models.

Feedback up to now has been positive such as this article from, liking the new Mustang, especially the independent rear suspension and affordability compared to other makes, but this may be why ultimately it will only ever be a niche vehicle in Europe.
The Mustang is far more affordable in the USA and Europeans will always compare directly to other models, which is not necessarily the case in the US.
Most reviews say largely the same, the Mustang has character, but not necessarily as refined as its counterparts. The problem is, the vehicles being compared to the Mustang cost alot more, like the BMW M3. If you pay alot more for something, it should be better shouldn’t it, so it’s a bit of a null argument.
They may get a little more excited about a GT350 or a GT500 model, but those will be even more scarce over the pond.

Ultimately, it should be good news no matter where the Mustang is sold on the planet, as it will rein in new fan which will only add to the longevity of the Mustang.
Europeans may not all ultimately ‘get’ the Mustang and what it represents, but now they have a dedicated right-hand drive model, more people will buy into this pony and realise you can have tons of raw fun from what the Mustang originally intended as an affordable car, easy to work on and get V8 grunt without the complication.

Check out this video review of the Mustang from a European perspective.

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