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The 1969 Boss 429 Mustang: The World’s Best Muscle Car?

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Stating one muscle car is the best in the world, it’s a bit like saying who is the best rock band in the world. Some will straightaway shout out one group, while others will debate at length the pros and cons of many bands.
So here is an argument for the 429 Boss Mustang.

The Mustang was released by Ford to great success and did very well in its first few years, but Ford also wanted an engine and a car that could take on the mighty Hemi at NASCAR, which evolved into the 429 CU. Boss 429.
The engine was developed to be prime competition in NASCAR, so Ford had to follow the rulings of building a minimum of 500 production vehicles with the same engine.
These limited run cars were built at the KK Brighton assembly plant, Michigan.
Only 857 Boss 429s were made, with date codes ‘KK,’with the first having the code ‘KK#1201.’

Appearances can be deceiving.
The boss 429 still kept its clean, simple looks, with only the flared fenders, wide tires and huge hood scoop to give away its power.
Officially rated at 375 hp, but the reality was more like 600 hp. The Conservative figures officially given to help a little with car insurance at the time!

But why the best?
Reports of nine second quarter miles, straight-line speed’s of 175 miles an hour and a fabulous rour from the V8 engine, some of the points that make the Boss 429 iconic.
But plenty of muscle cars have these traits, it’s just the Boss 429 also has the racing heritage, looks and iconic status from the Mustang breed, which at the very least puts the car in the top five.

Yes, they were very limited, out of the reach of most, but that’s usually what makes an iconic car.

What’s your favourite muscle car and why?


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