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Steve Magnantes 1001 Mustang Facts Book Review

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By Mark Weisseg

This book had great importance for me as I am the owner of two Mustangs. So, I was going to read and digest this book to the fullest.

The book is from and was written by Steve Magnante. You see Steve on Television quite a bit as one of the hosts of a major auction company. He has written many books and has quite the following for his knowledge.

This book has what the author calls 1001 Mustang Facts from the 1964 1/2 all the way to the present. Each segment is short and to the point. I am quite positive the authors insight will match wits with any Mustang lover. I will be the first to admit I was a bit startled regarding his fact finding. It’s one of those books that was very well researched and hits a home run for those whose desire to be a walking Encyclopedia.

The book itself is a thick 319 pages of fun facts that any Ford Mustang owner would love to have. I assure you Steve will take you on a journey from the beginning and your knowledge base will grow. At first I thought it was just another book filled with opinions and pictures. There seems to be a long list of books that have been written over the years that contain some of the same facts.

The difference with this book is Steve takes the facts and groups them into years. So, if you really wanted to know the Mustang in and out from say 1976 to 1981 you will be able to do so. He raised an interesting point in his book about the Mustang II. Most Mustang lovers just hated that time frame and consider it the low point for the Ford Mustang. Steve argues a different point of view that made me sit back and read the facts again.

If you want pictures the author has your back. He also did not “fill” pages with pictures just to fatten up the book. No, he stays on track and keeps the reader honest. This Mustang lover liked his book as it provided some inside information that I guess few would be aware of.

Of course I wanted more information on certain models such as the Trinity engine in my 2013 Shelby but he provided just enough to keep me reading. Did I like the book? The short answer is Yes. But if I may add my two cents to one item it would be the books cover. At first glance the book does not come across as a serious Mustang book. It looked a bit cartoonish but I assure you that once you get past the forward and the acknowledgments you will find some darn good reading material. In fact, it’s a great book for future referencing. Every city and town has a local Mustang club it seems and this book will easily be the “go to” book for any reference material.

So, if you want a very good read and learn some absolute facts, this book is it.
The book can be easily purchased by calling CarTec at 1-800-551-4754 or online.

I do regard this book as one that should be in your collection if you indeed want to learn exactly what goes into building this very popular car. I assure you that you will read it more than once. You will refer back to the book several times as questions arise. So, order the book and enjoy the journey.

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